Beyond Layers - FAQ'S

What does the course include? 

  • twice weekly letters for 52 weeks. We will start the week off with a note of encouragement….motivation…cheer…. Then later in the week, we will get practical…. with a texture to try, a technique to test…. a photo prompt…. plus so much more.
  • Access to a password protected Beyond Layers Community, where you can share, support and inspire members from around the globe.
  • a flickr group to share your art.

When does Round 2 begin? 
Round 2 officially begins on April 16th. 

Is Round 2 different than Round 1?
No. Round 2 will offer the same content as Round 1. It's simply a fresh start for those who missed registering for the first session. 

Is this a technical photoshop course?
No, this is not a hands on step by step photoshop class. I will share techniques, prompts, ideas, textures, brushes etc. I will share new photoshop recipes. But it is not a technical step-by-step class. The material is meant to inspire and encourage you to create your own ART in photoshop, using simple and easy to follow steps.

Do I have to be anywhere at a certain time? 
Nopers….. feel free to read the messages at your convenience…. All messages will be stored on the private site.

What do I need to start the class?
You will need access to a camera and photos to work with, a computer, photoshop or photoshop elements (if you intend to participate in the photoshop technical section), an email account (yahoo or hotmail accounts are not recommended), a notebook or journal, high-speed internet connection (there will be some video and audio content), a printer if you would like to print off the lessons and inspirational hand outs, a flickr account (also optional), and most importantly an open mind and spirit.

Am I required to join the Beyond Layer's community and Flickr group?
However, you are encouraged to be a part of the creative space. After all, there's really nothing better than sharing creative dreams and inspiration…. But it is not a requirement.

Do I need photoshop or photoshop elements?
Yes. You will get the most out of this class if you have a basic knowledge and understanding of photoshop and layers. But the inspirational part is going to be awesome…Perhaps you may want to sign up with the intention of 'friending' photoshop in 2012. After all photoshop is so much more than software…. It's an amazing creative tool. Be sure to check out The Essentials if you are looking for a basic photoshop eCourse.

Which version of photoshop do you recommend?
Photoshop CS5 and Elements 10 are both awesome. Elements is much more affordable and completely fabulous. Earlier versions are also perfect for this class. You can download a FREE 30 day trial of either CS5 or Elements 10 from the Adobe website.

Do you offer a basic photoshop class for beginners?
Students will be given access to my 'skinny-mini' photoshop eCourse upon registration. This is a mini class that will allow you to get started using photoshop. However if your intentions are to really LEARN photoshop…check out The Essentials

Do you have any testimonials from current Beyond students?
You bet. Click HERE to visit the testimonial page. 

For further questions, please feel free to contact me.

Beyond Layers ~ Round 2, begins April 16th, 2012.